Why blog?


I didn’t quite get why I of all people should write a blog. Sure, I use the google blog search feature every now and again to look up the latest random person’s opinions on topics (such as people trying to convince themselves the Hoyas won’t go all the way in ’08) or for the random tidbits of information ignored by the general press (such as the latest Lindsay Lohan sighting). But writing one? My biggest questions were ‘why would anyone be reading this?’ and ‘should I worry about people taking my comments personally?’. But when I thought about it, I came to the swift conclusions 1) people are generally as bored with their lives as I am and will dedicate time to anything as long as it is counterproductive, and 2) my friends have better things to do then read a blog, and since they I know they wouldn’t listen to two cents anyway, why in the hell would they force themselves to read about them? and if I’m wrong, and they really don’t have better things to do, well…wow, I may just have to admit computers are becoming man’s best friend. So I figure why not? It’s what all the “cool kids” are doing these days anyways, and far be it for me to deprive myself of the current cultural norms (kinda like my parents did when rearing me, but that’s for another day…)

Bloggers today, whether they realize it or not, hold termendous sway as disciplines increasingly depend, and thrive, on the online community. Internet was in its nascence as I grew up, and I didnt have AIM until sophomore year of college, and nowadays half my friends describe their job roles in terms of knowing how to “Google”. A friend of mine wrote a thesis on the blogosphere – when the answer to “You can really do that?” was “Yes”, I realized blogging was also here to stay. Tech geeks look for the latest product rumors, politicians look for the latest election trends, teens know where to find the lastest celebrity news, and the voyeur in all of us revels in the intricate details of our friends’, and even complete strangers’, lives.

Some blogs have mission statments or themes, or are even halfway coherent. This is none of those things, and I sincerely doubt it will ever be. In fact, given my level of devotion to most things, I guarentee it won’t be. But that won’t stop me from writing entries, and it won’t stop (the few of you) from reading it.

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