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Dress to Impress

A horse is a horse of course of course unless its…Eclyse?


The zorse (or hebra, zedonk, or zebroid) is a cross between a male zebra and a female horse, and has gained quite the following in Europe.  According to the Daily Mail:

For while most zebra-horse crossbreeds sport stripes across their entire body, Eclyse only has two such patches, on its face and rear.

The one-year-old zorse was the accidental product of a holiday romance when her mother, Eclipse, was taken from her German safari park home to a ranch in Italy for a brief spell.

There she was able to roam freely with other horses and a number of zebras, including one called Ulysses who took a fancy to her.

When Eclipse returned home, she surprised her keepers by giving birth to the baby zorse whose mixed markings betray her colourful parentage.

The foal was promptly given a name that is in itself a hybrid, of her parents’ names.

Now she’s become a major attraction at a safari park at Schloss Holte Stukenbrock, near the German border with Holland, where she has her own enclosure.

Udo Richter, spokesman for the park, said, “You can tell she is a mix just by looking at her. But in temperament she can also exhibit characteristics from each parent.

“She is usually relatively tame like a horse but occasionally shows the fiery temperament of a zebra, leaping around like one.”

Horses and zebras are often crossbred in Africa and are used as trekking animals on Mount Kenya.

Sporting the black and white look quite effectively last night at the NBA Draft was Nick Young, now a member of the Washington Wizards:


And then of course there was Jeff Green, staying true to his Georgetown roots and choosing Burberry:


Looking not quite as good in stripes is Joakim Noah last night at the NBA Draft, where he was drafted 9th overall…seersucker suit?  Are you serious?


For a real lesson on how to wear the seersucker, turn to Project Beltway, where it looks like the trip to the outlets last week paid off for my college roommate…remember, it is all about the shoes.

Putting the Maniac in Wrestlemania


I have never been a huge fan of pro wrestling, mostly because there are too many morons out there who think it is a sport rather than entertainment, and then try to conduct body slams on their best friends on the trampoline in their backyard and end up hurting themselves or their victims.  That and the girls are pretty intimidating (Vince McMahon’s own daughter, a high school classmate of mine, suits up for the ring).  But the recent death of Chris Benoit highlights the darker side of wrestling even more – the lifestyle it induces, too often riddled with steroid use and violence, often from roid rage.  Early, tragic deaths are not uncommon for wrestlers, as seen by this list:

Famous Wrestlers That Have Died Since 1985 Before the Age of 65

Chris Von Erich – 21
Mike Von Erich – 23
Louie Spiccoli – 27
Art Barr – 28
Gino Hernandez – 29
Jay Youngblood – 30
Rick McGraw – 30
Joey Marella – 30
Ed Gatner – 31
Buzz Sawyer – 32
Crash Holly – 32
Kerry Von Erich – 33
D.J. Peterson – 33
Eddie Gilbert – 33
The Renegade – 33
Owen Hart – 33
Chris Candido – 33
Adrian Adonis – 34
Gary Albright – 34
Bobby Duncum Jr. – 34
Yokozuna – 34
Big Dick Dudley – 34
Brian Pillman – 35
Marianna Komlos – 35
Pitbull #2 – 36
The Wall/Malice – 36
Leroy Brown – 38
Mark Curtis – 38
Eddie Guerrero – 38
Davey Boy Smith – 39
Johnny Grunge – 39
Vivian Vachon – 40
Jeep Swenson – 40
Brady Boone – 40
Terry Gordy – 40
Bertha Faye – 40
Billy Joe Travis – 40
Chris Benoit – 40
Larry Cameron – 41
Rick Rude – 41
Randy Anderson – 41
Bruiser Brody – 42
Miss Elizabeth – 42
Big Boss Man – 42
Earthquake – 42
Mike Awesome – 42
Biff Wellington – 42
Ray Candy – 43
Nancy Benoit (Woman) – 43
Dino Bravo – 44
Curt Hennig – 44
Bam Bam Bigelow – 45
Jerry Blackwell – 45
Junkyard Dog – 45
Hercules – 45
Andre the Giant – 46
Big John Studd – 46
Chris Adams – 46
Mike Davis – 46
Hawk – 46
Dick Murdoch – 49
Jumbo Tsuruta – 49
Rocco Rock – 49
Sherri Martel – 49
Moondog Spot – 51
Ken Timbs – 53
Uncle Elmer – 54
Pez Whatley – 54
Eddie Graham – 55
Tarzan Tyler – 55
Haystacks Calhoun- 55
Giant Haystacks – 55
The Spoiler – 56
Kurt Von Hess – 56
Moondog King – 56
Gene Anderson – 58
Dr. Jerry Graham – 58
Bulldog Brown – 58
Tony Parisi – 58
Rufus R. Jones – 60
Ray Stevens – 60
Stan Stasiak – 60
Terry Garvin – 60
Boris Malenko – 61
Little Beaver – 61
Sapphire – 61
Shohei Baba – 61
Dick the Bruiser – 62
Wilbur Snyder – 62
George Cannon – 62
Karl Krupp – 62
Dale Lewis – 62
Gorilla Monsoon – 62
Hiro Matsuda – 62
Bad News Brown – 63
Bulldog Brower – 63
Wahoo McDaniel – 63

What is even more pathetic is that after the media outlets reported that the death was part of a murder suicide, in which Chris strangled his mentally retarded son and killed his wife before hanging himself, and that steroids were found in the house traced back to an outsourcer under investigation in Florida for illegal distribution, Vince McMahon and the WWE claimed that we should use caution before pointing fingers:

The head of World Wrestling Entertainment says he’s worried about a “rush to judgment” on whether steroids played a role in a double-murder and suicide involving pro wrestler Chris Benoit (ben-WAH’).Steroids were found in Benoit’s Georgia home but Vince McMahon tells N-B-C’s “Today” show that a number of other prescription drugs were also found. He says it’s all speculation until toxicology tests are in. That could take weeks.And McMahon says “other pressures” could have been a factor.A W-W-E lawyer says Benoit (ben-WAH’) had argued with his wife over the care of their mentally retarded son in the days before the family was found dead.

McMahon says what happened is a “horrific tragedy” but he says “there was no way of telling this man was a monster. 

Because no monster commits the murder of his child and wife, right?  and your sport had nothing to do with his use of drugs?

Clearly there has always been, and will continue to be, a steriod problem as long as the public endorses the artificially induced bodies of the wrestlers they support.  It is high time we at least begin to examine the sport and its management and hold someone accountable.

In the latest of strange twists, it appears as if a Wikipedia user edited Chris Benoit’s profile hours before the murder suicide, editing the content to include the death of his wife.

 The computer-generated time and date stamp of the Benoit entry are listed as 4:01, 25 June 2007. lists its entries according to Universal Time, also known as Greenwich Mean Time.

Further investigation, according to, shows that one hour after the first edit reversion, another anonymous edit by using, a wireless Internet service provider, was made adding about the aforementioned personal issues: “which according to several pro wrestling websites is attributed to the passing of Benoit’s wife, Nancy.”

That edit was reverted less than 20 minutes later, with the following comment: “Saying ‘several pro wrestling websites’ is still not reliable information.” The second edit was made by a computer in Australia from a wireless network, according to 

Full article here.

How did someone know of the imminent death of his wife/predict this? Who is this mystery person? Had Benoit tipped them off?  Why did they not act on this information?  Or was this just the darkest of pranks/coincidences?



Some of my favorites from Overheard in New York:

Girl #1: Did you hook up with Josh last weekend?
Girl #2: Yeah, we got really drunk and I blew him and we did anal. I dunno if I want to lose my virginity with him, though.
—86th St, Bay Ridge 

Thug handing 20-dollar bill to clerk: Be careful! Let it dry — I just made that.

–Deli, 137th & Broadway

Thug on cell: I don’t know where I was, but they’s Germans everywhere in this hood! They on my left, right. Damn! [Looks around anxiously] Now I know how Patton felt, son!

–14th & Driggs  

Mother: Don’t you ever do that again! [slaps child hard]

Child, calmly: Well, are you happy with yourself?

–Union Square

Man: I just don’t get it! Just last night you were complaining about how you never try anything new, but you feel like you should.
Woman: Ok, well ordering the roast duck is a little different than a threesome, Tim.

–13th & 3rd

God Squad lady: Praise Jesus! You won’t be saved without Jesus! You have to start believing in Jesus to be saved! Jesus will always be there for you!

Suit #1: Would it be so awful if we pushed her out when the doors open?
Suit #2: No. Jesus will save her.

–4 train

Older woman: Excuse me, miss?

Younger woman: Yeah?

Older woman: Your veil, your burqa is very beautiful. I didn’t know your people were allowed to wear it in bright colors.

Younger woman: It’s not a burqa, it’s a poncho. I’m Jewish. It’s for the rain. I got it at TJ Maxx.

–53rd & 7th

Guy, staring at girl: You look like someone I know.

Girl: It’s me.

Guy: Oh, hi Alexis. You look different at eight in the morning.

–C train

Girl #1: I’m funny.

Girl #2: No you’re not.

Girl #1: Yes I am. Everyone says I’m hilarious.

Girl #2: Of course they do. That’s because you aren’t pretty.

–Virgin, Union Square

Chick: Omigod, I totally want an Asian baby. Asians make the best mixers. Like vodka.

–49th & 10th

Wannabe cartographer: There are two Washington DCs. One is in the upper corner of the map, and the other is like forty-five minutes away from Maryland.

–Wall Street

Student: Now I don’t know if this is something I thought of or if Satan said it.

Professor: Actually I said it last class.

–Columbia lit class

Drunk ponytailed guy: So, like what’s our situation?

Girl: Ummm, what do you mean?

Drunk ponytailed guy: Like do you … want me to come up?

Girl: What part of your ponytail makes you think I’d go home with you tonight?

–Bleecker & MacDougal

Guy #1: Shut up! Why are you so obsessed with sombreros? Every time I talk to you it’s sombreros, sombreros, sombreros!

Guy #2: Isn’t this, like, the first time we’ve ever talked?

Guy #1: Yeah, and it’s about sombreros, isn’t it?


Bus driver on intercom as it starts to rain: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey… C’mon, everybody!

Entire bus, singing: You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you — please don’t take my sunshine away.

Chick: I think that was the least-New York moment of my entire life.

–M79 bus

Mom to screaming child: Shut the f*** up!

Man: Yeah, keep telling your kid ‘Shut the f*** up’ so he can grow up and steal my car someday.

–6 train

Conductor: If you do not step away from the doors the train will keep sitting here, you will not get where you are going, and I will still get paid.

–S train

Mom: What are those?

Daughter: Sour Patch Kids.

Mom: Can I have one?

Daughter: No.

Mom: Why not?

Daughter: I paid for them.

Mom: And I gave you life. Now give me one.

–Near NYU

Blonde: So, where is she from?

Friend: Croatia.

Blonde: Where’s that?

Friend: It’s, like, by Italy.

Blonde: Ohhh, like Czechoslovakia.

Friend: No, Croatia. Near Bosnia and Serbia.

Blonde: Oh, so it’s like Russia.

Thug: Croatia, bitch! Former Yugoslavia! Remember, they had a civil war and broke up into five countries?

Blonde: [Stares blankly.]

Thug: Jesus Christ, study a f***in’ map. Even Tara Reid knows where it is.

–6 train

The subway doors open. A hobo enters, holding a bottle of windex in one hand and a tube of toothpaste in the other.

Hobo: Which is the better time to read Dostyevsky? Winter?

He sprays the windex.

Hobo: Or Spring?

He squeezes toothpaste out of the tube.

Japanese girl: Spring!

Hobo: You are correct.

–F train

Chick: How come we’re always talking about how the Jews were persecuted? Lots of people have been persecuted. My people have been persecuted, too.

Professor guy: Um…This is “Introduction to Jewish-American Literature”.

Chick: …Yeah, but still.

–Waverly Building, Waverly Place

Jappy girl #1: So like, I couldn’t believe what happened to Erica*, but like, I think she’ll be ok. I mean, she’s gonna marry some guy who went to Penn instead of some guy who went to Princeton, and she’ll have a country house in South Hampton instead of like, East Hampton, but I think she’ll be ok.

Jappy girl #2: Oh yeah, I think she can handle it.

Jappy girl #1: Poor thing.

–The Dalton School

Tourist mom: Excuse me, miss, do you know how to get back to Manhattan?

Hipster girl: I’m sorry, I don’t really have the energy to give you fake directions right now.

–Brooklyn-bound F train

Hobo to man running for the train: You better run faster! That’s the last train in the world!

–W 4th Street A/C/E platform

Black woman: Move, nigga! Shit, if Kramer can say it…

–Whole Foods, Union Square

Father: Come on, hurry your ass up, nigga. I mean… Hurry up… son.

–50th & Broadway

Hobo: I will tell you the rules of being a goddamn New Yorker: one — when you see a suspicious package, do not fucking tell anyone. If it has money in it, well, then you can take the money, but it probably doesn’t, so don’t say anything! Also, when you are in the city, do not refer to Sixth Avenue as ‘Avenue of the Americas’ unless you wish to sound like a complete moron!

–Brooklyn-bound F train

Pilot: We’re on our way to New York where the weather is cold and icy, just like my prom date back in high school.

–Jet Blue flight 114 from Ft. Lauderdale to JFK

Guy: Did you try rebooting?

Chick: Of course.

Guy: Because that’s the first thing you should try doing when you–

Chick: –Look, half the guys I’ve dated have been in tech support. I’ve picked up a hell of a lot more than just VD. I know about rebooting.


Yuppie: You know, that’s a very expensive beer you’re not drinking.

Girlfriend: Can’t we have one night where you don’t quote American Psycho?

Yuppie: Oh, he bought her Chardonnay. Don’t worry, I’m not a Chardonnay guy.

Girlfriend: Whatever. Just don’t nail-gun me in my sleep tonight. Again.

–Iggy’s on Rivington

Technician: It will cost a hundred and fifty dollars to have our technicians look at it.

Girl with computer problem: A hundred and fifty dollars?! No way. I’d rather spend that on alcohol.

–Apple Store Genius Bar

Fashionista gets off elevator, bumping into guys on her way out.

Balding Greek guy: You know what she needs? A good dick up the ass, that’s what she needs!

Black guy: That’s what all them bitches need.

–1407 Broadway

Hobo #1: Bitches is crazy, crazy. Had no choice but to fuck that squirrel.

Hobo #2: Nooo, nooo.

Hobo #1: Yup, yup. That squirrel was worth five cents.

Hobo #2: Nooo, I’ll tell you how much that squirrel was worth. $15.98.

–St. Johns Pl, Park Slope

Hobo: I want to cum on your face.

Young woman: Uhhh… Well, at least he’s being up-front — putting all the cards on the table. I guess I respect that.

–27th & 10th

Old, disgruntled customer: I wish I was young again.

Cashier: Do you believe in reincarnation? You could just kill yourself.

–Deli, Lex Ave, between 38th & 39th

Student: Didn’t the ancient Romans also eat lying down?

Professor: Yes.

Student: That’s really bad for your digestion.

Professor: Well, it was good for having sex with the hired help after.

–Bard High School Early College

Young boy #1: Today is the day your mother birthed you and you only got five dollars?

Young boy #2: We got troubles.

–Prospect Heights

Buddhist: Excuse me, sir, are you a New Yorker?

Obvious New Yorker: Go fuck yourself!

–Union Square

NYU student: So, I think I’m just going to tell my girlfriend, ‘You know, I’ve been going to the gym a lot, working out, watching what I eat, and I think you should, too.’

Friend, as all receptionists stare: Yeah, no — you really can’t say that.

–Palladium Gym, NYU

Wannabe thug on cell to girlfriend: Look, I gotta be single. All I wanna do is get money, stay fresh, dress fly, and fuck bitches.

–Penn Station

Chick: I can’t believe you can talk about how much you love your country, and you don’t even pay taxes!

Dude: I’ve paid more taxes than you’ve sucked dick. Which is a lot.

Chick, after long pause: I don’t know why you’re walking so fast — nothing’s happening when we get to your apartment.

–4th St & the Bowery

Teen thug #1: You met her in rehab? Son, you was only there three days…!

Teen thug #2: Yo, but check this out — she’s 35!

Teen thug #1: Son, she gonna drop yo’ ass when she finds out how old you are!

Teen thug #2: I already told her.

Teen thug #1, after long pause: Shit, then she a pedophile, son!

–F train

Girlfriend: Ugh, I have the worst taste in my mouth.

Boyfriend: That’s ’cause you’re a whore.

Girlfriend: … I don’t get it.

Boyfriend: Your mouth tastes bad ’cause you suck too much cock.

Girlfriend: Oh my god! You’re such an asshole!

Boyfriend: I love you, baby.

–Shea Stadium

Late twenties girl: Were you part of that food fight Friday night?

Early thirties guy: Yeah, I got hit with a buttered roll. Someone actually buttered the roll before they threw it.

–6 train

Chick: I had such a hard time when I lived here. People were always calling me a slut. Always, always, always, always.

Guy standing next to her: Yeah?

–Outside the W Hotel, 17th & Park

Ghetto chick: Excuse me! Excuse me! What’s the name of the towers that got knocked down?

Incredulous passerby: Umm . . . The World Trade Center.

Ghetto chick to thug boyfriend: See! I told you it wasn’t none of that twin towers. You thinking of Lord of the Rings.

–Vesey St

School child #1: Yo, Tupac is still alive.

School child #2: Yeah, I heard that, too. I heard he’s strippin’. He’s a stripper in LA.

A small child with them gets off train.

Old woman: Get back on the train! [Small child gives her the finger with both hands and runs away.]

School child #1: Yo, who is that kid?

School child #2: I don’t know. I saw him in the bathroom. He was takin’ a shit and he came out and smiled at me… And that’s how I know him.

–G train

Suit: I don’t know why people still aren’t over the Nazis. They’re really sorry.

–Park Slope

Teen girl #1: Yeah, so John totally wants me to give him head even though I barely know him and we’ve never even hooked up.

Teen girl #2: That’s so weird.

Teen girl #1: I know! It’d be such a slutty thing to do. And I’ve never even given a blowjob before.

Teen girl #2: Yeah, totally.

Teen girl #1: Then again, I feel like giving head is something I should do before I turn 16.

Teen girl #2: Good point.

Teen girl #1: So I’m totally going to do it.

Teen girl #2: Awesome, I can give you tips!


Girl: Honey, are you listening to me?

Guy: No, I was thinking about putting my dick in your mouth.

Girl: Oh.

–Central Park

Little sis: I don’t know. I’m just really confused. Like, how am I supposed to know what I want in a guy? You know? Like, what’s your perfect guy?

Big sis: One with 6 weeks to live.

Little sis: Huh?

Big sis: Nevermind… God, that would be great, though.

–1 train platform, 23rd St


You know I’d sooner forget but I remember those nights
When life was just a bet on race between the light
You had your head on my shoulder you had your hand in my hair
Now you act a little colder like you don’t seem care …
But believe in me baby and I’ll take you away
From out of this darkness and into the day
From these rivers of headlights these rivers of rain
From the anger that lives on the streets with these names
’cause I’ve run every rod light on memory lane
I’ve seen desperation explode into flames

And I don’t want to see it again …

Write What You Believe


(sc: flickr yonas1, erin m , Twinkie Town)

The Evolution of Facebook and Its Users

“Hey have you heard of Facebook?”

“No, what is it?”

“It’s…it’s like out facebook, but online… I dunno…a friend from UPenn sent it to me…here, I’ll invite you.”

“Ok, whatever.”

This conversation, between my college roommate and I, took place on April 4, 2004.  Five minutes later I clicked on his email, registered on this thing called Facebook, and lo and behold, I had access to a profile of my roommate.  Big freaking deal.  I asked a few friends around Georgetown about Facebook, but no one knew what it was, and by the end of the month I had three friends.

About a month and a half later, I was up to 100.  Then a couple of hundred more by fall.  By the time I graduated, a day barely went by when I didn’t check the Facebook to see who else was on (this was before automated updates, which took all the fun out of stalking people).

Clearly I remember the days when Facebook was just a curiousity shared by few, when only the Ivies and select schools had access.  I watched as more and more schools were added, first the Tufts and Bucknells of the world and then gradually even local community colleges.  I rued the day that Facebook became open to high schoolers, when this close social network became infested with “14 year old kids” excited to be invited by as many college students as possible.  Most recently Facebook has expanded its services to absolutely anyone with an email account, and, even more significant, has attracted superfulous applications galore. 

I missed out on the Friendster craze, and was always wary to join MySpace.  MySpace was too interactive for me, encouraged to much creativity (read: time and effort) and seemed to have boundless uses other than the one I was really excited about when Facebook gained some popularity – to connect to pals from high school I had lost track of and create a rudimentary social network.  Eventually MySpace dealt with scandal after scandal, known for its pedophilic stalkers, and being censored by the military for troops abroad.  The security seemed minimal, and it was just too much clutter for me to sift through.  Besides, all my college friends, who mostly went to top tier schools, were on Facebook, so why bother?

This topic is looked at in a new light Dannah Boyd’s “Viewing American Class Divisions Through Facebook and MySpace”.  Hardly a piece of academia, it still makes some interesting, if not controversial, points.  She, like me, agreed that high schoolers saw Facebook as the cool, college thing to do, while MySpace for many was framed as negative by the media.  However, she goes on to write that “good” kids are going to Facebook, while MySpace continues to attract a much different crowd: 

“MySpace is still home for Latino/Hispanic teens, immigrant teens, “burnouts,” “alternative kids,” “art fags,” punks, emos, goths, gangstas, queer kids, and other kids who didn’t play into the dominant high school popularity paradigm. These are kids whose parents didn’t go to college, who are expected to get a job when they finish high school. These are teens who plan to go into the military immediately after school.”

Obviously the above statement makes a lot of assumptions, which is countered by her portrayal of Facebook, and the hegemonic teens who prefer it over MySpace:

“Most teens who exclusively use Facebook…are very aware of MySpace and they often have a negative opinion about it. They see it as gaudy, immature, and “so middle school.” They prefer the “clean” look of Facebook, noting that it is more mature and that MySpace is “so lame.” What hegemonic teens call gaudy can also be labeled as “glitzy” or “bling” or “fly” (or what my generation would call “phat”) by subaltern teens. Terms like “bling” come out of hip-hop culture where showy, sparkly, brash visual displays are acceptable and valued. The look and feel of MySpace resonates far better with subaltern communities than it does with the upwardly mobile hegemonic teens. This is even clear in the blogosphere where people talk about how gauche MySpace is while commending Facebook on its aesthetics. I’m sure that a visual analyst would be able to explain how classed aesthetics are, but aesthetics are more than simply the “eye of the beholder” – they are culturally narrated and replicated. That “clean” or “modern” look of Facebook is akin to West Elm or Pottery Barn or any poshy Scandinavian design house (that I admit I’m drawn to) while the more flashy look of MySpace resembles the Las Vegas imagery that attracts millions every year. I suspect that lifestyles have aesthetic values and that these are being reproduced on MySpace and Facebook.”

I agree that I fall into this category that prefers the aesthetic nature of Facebook, but I believe that this stems from the original intent of Facebook.  Facebook was not concieved as another MySpace, but a type of “OurSpace”.  It was meant as an elite social network, which quickly expanded (for surely corporate reasons) beyond the original dozen colleges.  But it still centered on the school community, requiring users to belong to a university via email.  Its first feature was groups, a means to band classmates together.  When high schoolers could join, it was still only via invitation, clearly obstructing certain individuals (from a different class?) from joining, but still centered around universities.  The social network tool is prized by those in colleges, who look to life beyond and want to interact with classmates.  The corporate culture had LinkedIn and other sites, the high schoolers had MySpace. 

So I can understand why “customization” wasn’t the quickest development to be incorporated into Facebook, and by nature this drew in people who want to fit in, scope out a culture, and adapt.  The MySpace users I knew were either only on because they were social butterflys and Facebook didn’t exist, or because they had bands or other artistic tendencies which conveniently found a homepage.  But I think the author neglects to take into account the needs and personality of this ‘alternative’ culture.  Even the most stubborn of friends have signed up for Facebook by now, realizing that posting reminders of when their band is in town is just as important and effective as leading them to a MySpace page with live music, and that networking is important for everyone.  The author does stress that class has little to do with income and more with attitude, the ability to network and get what one wants when one needs it.  I agree to a certain extent with this statement, and if Facebook opens this ability to a whole new set of users, beyond the crust of society, more power to it.

Facebook is quickly adopting a corporate mentality, while its pages are trying to attract  and appease the most fringe users.  Graffiti is available, music and videos can be uploaded, even external services are being mimicked such as Ebay.  I for one have not yet grown comfortable with these changes, and perhaps it is because of my “hegemonic” outlook and refusal to be once again a part of the masses.  The article “How Facebook could crush MySpace, Yahoo! and Google” points out that the worldwide appeal of social networks is growing, and soon Facebook may be an “all-encompassing portal”.  However, class-centric or not, even the writer expresses hope  that MySpace, with its ‘alternative culture’, is replaced:

“…If there is going to be a supernetwork, I’d much rather have it be clean and navigable like Facebook than spam-filled and occasionally creepy like MySpace.”

For now, it is a popularity contest, and it will probably be the “jock”, not the “geek”, who comes out on top.


Ugly Dogs

It has come to my attention that there is, in fact, a “World’s Ugliest Dog Competition” (yeah, who knew?). Which I think is kinda like bragging about the ugliest girl you hooked up with, but whatev, there is a prize. This year’s winner is Elwood, who I think got robbed finishing seocnd palce last year:


More variations of Elwood can be seen here.

If you ever feel the need to see ugly dogs, visit the Sonoma-Marin Fair, or look at the other entries and cast your vote.

Come on Pee Wee Martini, 2008 is your year.