Hometown Hobbies

This weekend I missed one of my favorite events in my hometown, the Concours d’Elegance. The Concours is a two day car show in which the finest and fastest, as well as new, cars in the area are on display on the grounds of local harborside park. Usually my brother and my dad would go on one of these days together and spend the day checking out all those cars that we could only dream of driving or owning. I am always impressed by how great of a condition the cars are kept in, some of which date to the 1920s and 1930s. I came across some pics from this weekends Concours d’Elegance, so thought I would share.

The car below is the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, which was produced from 1952-1963, and is the inspiration for the SL McLaren. This car was responsible for changing Mercedes-Benz’s image from a maker of solid automobiles to the maker of sports cars as we know it today. This was probably my favorite car as a kid growing up. I am a sucker for those cool doors, and the design is just timeless, both from the classic detailing inside and the sleek frame.



The modern rendition is pretty sweet as well…I wouldn’t mind having this either.


More photos can be found here and here.

This weekend Greenwich also hosted the Ivy Cup, which Gawker of course couldn’t hesitate to cover:


This Saturday, the rich and very rich gathered up in Greenwich, CT. (How unusual!) The occasion was the Ivy Cup, a charity polo match between the teams of Harvard, Yale, Cornell and Princeton. The group met in the main concourse of Grand Central Station: a sea of wide-brimmed hats, well-pressed slacks and day-glo green VIP wristbands. They’d chartered a train up to the CT where the chukkers would be played. Bud Lights and Diet Cokes were stored in large Tupperware tubs. The hours flew by like a cloud on a windless day. The rich don’t sweat. Also, we managed to create possibly the largest and most fascinating photogallery in history, courtesy of photographer Laurel Ptak.

Gawker coverage here.

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