Typical Day in the Hood…

Typically if I am having trouble falling asleep it is because of the kareoke bar across the street from my apartment, and while someone’s absolutely horrific  rendition of Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony” was loud enough to make we wonder exactly what was the just punishment for murder, it was in fact almost dreadful enough to allow me to slip into a coma, which is almost as good as a sleep I was going to have at that point. Instead, my window was flooded with a bright light, and I could hear the sound of a helicopter overhead. Instead of passing over though, it countinued to pace back and forth over my nighborhood, with, as I looked out of window, a searchlight attached to it. Wonderful, its either a fugitive loose in my nighborhood or someone has finally drawn the line at what is appropriate behavior in a bar at 1am on a Thursday morning. It finally sputtered away into the night 20 minutes later…but as I was attempting to block out its noise I was reminded of another incident my brother recounted to me earlier that day from my nighborhood…

As my brother was crossing through Dupont, he noticed a burly African-American man and smaller woman with an East European accent in a dispute. He made his way through the two of them, but as he did he overhead the following taking place:

Man: “Baby, come back..”

Woman: “No,” storming away.

Man: “Baby, what am I am going to do with the keys to the Porsche?”

Woman: “I don’t know, you deal with it.”

Man: “Come back, I’m sorry.”

Woman: (turning around suddenly) “You slept with my sister!”

Man: “I didn’t know! She climbed into bed with me!”

Woman: “You..” in disblief, walking away now.

Man: “I thought it was you, baby!”

By this point he was out of earshot, but yeah…kinda crazy.

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