Deadly Weapons

A coworker at lunch today talked about his martial arts class, and acting impressed, we asked how advanced he was. He replied that he was still at the bottom level, but pointed out his instructor, sitting at a table next to us, and said that we should be careful before getting in any fights with him. We then wondered out loud whether the instructor would have to register as a deadly weapon, since he could probably kill someone pretty damn easily. If Mike Tyson got involved in your bar fight, wouldn’t he be held to a different standard? Anyway, we discussed this for a bit before coming to the consensus that we should from now on refer to our coworker as “The Weapon”, despite his obviously modest build.

Well, it turns out that registering as a deadly weapon is quite the myth.

However, on the Metro ride back from work that afternoon an Asian girl with a Bo and three-foot long Samuari sword got on my car at Rossyln. I gave up my seat for her. Registered or not, that’s a deadly weapon.

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