And I Still Can’t Get A Date…

According to the latest Census data, there is a shortage of single men in DC, or, as us men would like to think, one tenth more women out there looking for us. I was a bit surprised to see such a large gap between DC and certain other states, but I suppose DC is a very young region, and well, it is a way better situation than the other way around.

I am guessing men are just not marrying Nevada women, because, well…let’s be serious, it’s Nevada. You are either bringing an out-of-state girl to marry for $25, or heading down to Vaginas ‘R Us with your buddies. North Dakota? Who wants to go there? And Hawaii and Alaska are just too far away.

What really skews DC is the gay population, which was not accounted for, so really the choices could drop to 80 straight guys per 100 girls. Which should give me plenty of options…unfortunately I probably have to hone my sense of art, fashion, shopping, and humor to compete with that.

On the other side of the coin, can I just point out how hard it is to find a decent guy to watch a football game with?


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