Fitting In at the Ivies

I can think of better ways to fit in:

“For her Yale senior project, financial aid student Aurora Nichols took pictures of three months’ worth of her mundane purchases and displayed them alongside her classmates’ abstract paintings. This prompted quite a bit of attention for Aurora on campus, including a profile in the Hartford Courant in which Aurora revealed some less-than-flattering assessments of class dynamics at her alma mater. Then, on the autoadmit message boards, the richies tore her a new one.”

Gawker article link here

I enjoyed the comments though:

 – Being one of the poors I can excuse. But why can’t she just be more attractive?

-Her story is proof that elites lower the bar for poors. 5th in her class at a TTT high school, and a 1440 SAT should not be getting her into Yale.

-She sounds like a bitch. I took the fucking Greyhound, and she rides the Amtrak and whines about her free ride to Yale? Fucking whore.

-god. i hate poor people.

-girls can always get married.

-Blessed are the poors, for they shall be attacked on the Internet by a bunch of anonymous tools.

– or to summarize…


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