The Game

Browsing through some of the blogs today, it seems as if the common theme is an offering of how-to tips on picking up girls.

Some example posts:

-Using cheesy humor.

-Handling younger girls.

-Having a swagger and confidence.

-And there is always small talk.

For those interested in a book with more than its fair share of gaming strategy, check out New York Times writer Neil Strauss’ “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists“. Strauss recounts the advice given to him by Mystery, a master pickup artist who holds seminars teaching men the art of seduction, and chronicles his own misadventures in trying to get laid. The advice can seem a bit, well, sketchy by some standards, and in the end he discovers that all the one liners in the world do not help him get the woman he loves so much, but it can be entertaining and does hit on some good points.

A sampling of some basic rules:

1. Smile when you walk into a room. See the group with the target and follow the three-second rule. Do not hesitate – approach instantly.

2. Recite a memorized opener, if not two or three in a row.

3. The opener should open the group, not just the target. When talking, ignore the target for the most part. If there are men in the group, focus your attention on the men.

4. Neg the target with one of the slew of negs we’ve come up with. Tell her “It’s so cute. Your nose wiggles when you laugh.” Then get her friends to notice and laugh about it.

5. Convey personality to the entire group. Do this by using stories, magic, anecdotes and humor. Pay particular attention to the men and the less attractive women. During this time, the target will notice that you are the center of attention. You may perform various memorized pieces like the photo routine, but only for the obstacles.

6. Neg the target again if appropriate. If she wants to look at the pictures, for example, say “oh my god, she’s so grabby. How do you roll with her?”

7. Ask the group, “So how does everyone know each other?” If the target is with one of the guys, find out how long they’ve been together. If it’s a serious relationship, eject politely by saying “Pleasure meeting you.”

8. IF she is not spoken for, say to the group “I’ve sort of alientating your friend. Is it all right if I speak to her for a couple of minutes?” They always say, “Uh, sure. If it’s okay with her.” If you’ve executed the preceding stpes correctly, she will agree.

9. Isolate her from the group by telling her you want to she red something cool. Take her to sit with you nearby. As you lead through the crowd, do a kino test by holding her hand. If she squeezes back, it’s on. Start looking for other IOIs.

10. Sit with her and perform a rune reading, an ESP test, or any other deomonstration that will fascinate and intrigue her.

11. Tell her, “Beauty is common but what is rare is a great enery and outlook on life. Tell me, what do you have inside that would make me want to know you as more of a mere face in the crowd?” If she begins to list qualities, this is a positive IOI.

12. Stop talking. Does she reinitiate the chat with a question that begins with the word “So?” If she does, you’ve now seen three IOIs and can….

13. Kiss close. Say, out of the blue, “Would you like to kiss me?” If the setting or circumstances aren’t conducive to physical intimacy, then give yourself a time constraint by saying, “I have to go, but we should continue this.” Then get her number and leave.

Strauss also includes a glossary of all the lingo he picked up under Mystery, such as:

Group Theory – noun: the idea that women are usually accompanied by friends, and to meet her a man must simultaneously win the approval of her friends while actively demonstrating a lack of interest in her.

PAIMAI – noun [pre-approach invitation, male approach invitation]: a nonverbal action or series of actions meant to induce a woman or group to notice a man and passively express interest in meeting him before he actually approaches her.

Push-Pull – noun: a technique used to create or increase attraction, in which a man gives a woman indications that he is not interested in her followed by indications that he is. This sequence can take place in a few seconds – such as taking a woman’s hands and then dropping them as if you don’t trust her yet – or over time, such as being very nice during one phone conversation but then very distant and abrupt during the next one.

Yes-Ladder – noun: a persuasion technique in which a person is asked a series of basic questions designed to elicit positive answers, increasing the likelihood that the person will also respond in the affirmative to a final, open-ended question.

Where do I fall in all of this?

MPB – noun [male pattern blindness]: some men’s inability to recognize that a woman is attracted to and interested in him until after she leaves and it’s too late to act on it.

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