Scooter Scoots Free


Bush has commuted Scooter Libby’s sentence, meaning he will no longer have to go to jail. Bush has not ruled out a full pardon however, which would also exonerate him of the probabtion and fine still remaining. Whatever one’s political views, this is not helping the president’s image, who some view as making Libby the fall guy for Cheney and Bush’s trangressions, while others see this as more proof that the elite and powerful are not held accountable for their actions. The President’s approval ratings already may make him the least popular president since Nixon to leave office, and this adds to the saga.  More than Bush, though, many feel Cheney deserves the heat.

Some blog takes on the issue:

 Why Bush Was Right To Spare Libby (Slate)

Splitting the Baby Gains Bush Little (Captain’s Quarters)

Lewis Libby Owes His Freedom to Our Corrupt Political Elite (Glenn Greenwald)

Incoherence (Washington Monthly)

Bush and Cheney Walk, Too (Salon)

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