Kenner League

Every summer Georgetown hosts the Kenner League, a summer basketball league pitting local (and some non-local) college players against each other. More importantly, it is the first chance to see Georgetown’s underclassmen play before the start of the season, and monitor their progress. Last year I went and witnessed a much stronger Roy Hibbert, as well as saw the Dujaun Summers was much more ready to contribute than hyped frosh Vernon Macklin, who was still pretty raw (and in many ways, still is).

So Sunday I went for the first time this summer, and watched three games at McDonough Arena. I had been really excited to see Chris Wright, who I have heard as an incoming freshman is already on his way to a future NBA career. Unfortunately, he (along with Macklin) sat out his game, but I did see three of our guards play (Wallace, Sapp, and Crawford). Wallace clearly was pissed that his team was playing poorly, but as a great shooter with point guard experience did a good job of keeping his team in the game and ultimately led them to a win. Crawford and Sapp also looked solid, but hey, its summer league, and fould and sloppy plays can (often) abound.

I did find myself sitting next to Austin Freeman (Gtown’s other star frosh) and Chris Wright’s mothers, who were also there to watch the game. A few of us nearby spoke to them, and they seemed truly glad to see their sons playing close to home and together (they played at rival high schools DeMatha and St. Johns in DC). Chris Wright’s mom in particular seemed very friendly, and I can’t wait for future renditions of the “Jeff Green’s mom” cheer. Chris came up to her and talked for a bit, and I noticed that he definitely has a built body and frame that will serve him well in the tough Big East.

As I left the gym I passed by the turf field in the center of campus, and noticed that Georgetown Prep and few other teams were playing lacrosse. I couldn’t tell if it was the JV team, or summer league, but I stayed and watched for a bit, and was very impressed by the quality of play. The coach was relaly intense, and got into several of his players, and it struck me how much of a powerhouse in the sport Georgetown Prep really is. There were tons of kids on the field and roaming around, all with Georgetown Prep gear. What I found the best was that I was surrounded by mothers wearing pastels and driving beamers, when a couple of minutes earlier, in the gym, I was one of maybe a handful of Caucasians taking in the basketball game, whose audience was mostly DC locals from the neighborhoods the kids grew up in. Ah, the many worlds of Georgetown.

I passed by the construction site in the center of the unviersity as well, where the baseball field used to be, and a parking lot now stands. This is where the new business school addition is being built, and it looks, like it is well under way, with the steel beams already giving it some shape. Regrettably this will cut off the maginificant views from the student center to the fields below, but hopefully the building will serve the undergrads as well, and with only a hundred acres to work with, I suppose there was little else Georgetown could do.

For more Kenner League game updates, see the Hoyatalk boards.

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