National Pastimes

Now he is in uniform…


Now he isn’t. 

                      Victoria Beckham W Magazine Pictures Victoria Beckham W Magazine Pictures

Victoria Beckham W Magazine Pictures Victoria Beckham W Magazine Pictures

Victoria Beckham W Magazine Pictures Victoria Beckham W Magazine Pictures

It appears as if Beckham is all but ready to join the LA Galaxy and make his debut in the MLS (jersey above – a bit close to Real Madrid’s, no?).  The next set of pictures are from W Magazine, where readers can see Beckham and his wife, Posh Spice, in all their full glory, and wish they too could bend it like Beckham.  If you haven’t read it yet, here is a great article from the LA Times examining Beckham’s working class roots.  DC United plays LA Galaxy August 9th, a game which I really wish I had bought tickets to…

DC United, meanwhile, started the season out cold, then got hot, and now just lost to Harrisburg. I don’t even know where that is, but this team certainly isn’t meeting expectations.  Meanwhile Adu and company have been having some more success…

Here is a preview of what has transpired in the first half of the MLS season:  The good, the bad, and the ugly of the MLS.

On DC United:

DC UNITED – DC is the Jekyll and Hyde of MLS, occasionally playing unbeatable, skillfull soccer before losing inexplicably to Real Salt Lake. I considered dropping them into the “ugly” category, but the strength of their roster and their recent string of good play has them occasionally running with the big dogs. Like Houston, DC started poorly, losing every April match before going 6-1-2 in May and June. United seem to be finding their form in spite of first-year head coach Tom Soehn’s tinkering and mistakes (TYH’s take on Soehn). A large part of their recent success has been the better midfield play of Fred and Christian Gomez, and fellow South American Luciano Emilio has finally begun to find the form that he showed in preseason in the CONCACAF Champions’ Cup.

Keys to victory: Even with a much improved offense, DC’s defense is terrible. There has been some improvement with the addition of national team veteran Greg Vanney, but having to trade Facundo Erpen (who hasn’t played as well as last year) made an already thin defense thinner. The pundits say that teams have figured out DC’s defense, but if you watch the goals they allow, it appears more like a lack of communication among the backline. DC need Bobby Boswell and Vanney to provide some stability if they are going to reclaim past glory.

Players to watch: Luciano Emilo, Nicholas Addlery, Bobby Boswell

TYH’s Cracked Crystal Ball: Soehn will be replaced by Ray Hudson following their first-round loss to Dallas. Then, they will all have a big laugh at his first press conference before firing Hudson and hiring a real coach. 

Meanwhile, these past two days, have been the slowest day in sports (Tour de France does not count), mostly due to the Baseball All-Star Break.  So here is another review of what lies ahead:

Second half AL preview

Second half NL preview

And in honor of the slow day in sports, let’s review our district’s place in sports:  Ranking the states: Washington DC

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