The Simpsons

The Simpsons movie is hitting theaters this weekend, and promises to be one the biggest draws of the summer. Even though the episodes of the past decade have dropped off in quality (with writers such as Conan leaving and the passing of Phil Hartman), the series has more than held his own against the likes of Family Guy. I don’t expect the movie to top the series, but it should be, and by all accounts that I have heard, as good as the episodes and a worthy inclusion.

Even more entertaining is watching the marketing campaign for the movie, which includes converting 7-Eleven stores into Kwik-E-Marts. Here is the closest one to DC, in Bladensburg, Maryland:

Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart? 

The stores sell items seen in the episodes, such as Buzz Cola:

Buzz Cola, but no Duff Beer.  Mmmm, beer.

Some owners have taken issue to this, arguing that Apu is a racist caricature. However, they also report that the promotion campaign has more than doubled sales for the month, so I doubt anyone is complaining too loudly. Here is the CNN report:

Many are using the moment to discuss their favorite Simpsons moments. I haven’t watched the vast majority of episodes (my parents made me change the channel each time it was on – the American cultural references were too much for them to handle I think, but my history teacher insisted anything worth knowing can be found on the Simpsons) but it does seem to me that the Simpsons does best when it is able to satire the core elements of the American lifestyle and history. This is why I place Rosebud high on my list of best episodes.

Here are three other worthy looks:

101 Greatest Simpsons Quotes
The best Simpson lines of all time
Best Simpsons satires

Some have drawn the parallel of sports figures as Simpsons characters.

My favorite character is Sideshow Bob, probably because he looks like Anderson Verjao of the Cleveland Caveliers.

Here is a clip from the classic ‘Cape Feare’, in which Bart narrowly avoids his demise at the hands of the ever gentlemanly muderer by having him recant the score of the HMS Pinafore (which I, too, have had to sing before)…

 For a cool map of Springfield, click here.

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