Overheard in New York…

Man: Is she serious? Is this broad serious?
Hipster chick who bumped into him: You talkin’ to me?
Man: Yeah, lady, I am talkin’ to you!
Hipster chick: Hey, buddy, as if your fat ass doesn’t bump into people everywhere you go.
Man: Well, actually, if my ass was half as big as yours, I bet it would!
Hipster chick: You only wish you had my ass.
Man: Yeah, you’re right. [Pauses, then gets noticeably calmer] Good thing you’re from New York or I’d have to kick you in the face.
Hipster chick: I’m not from New York. I’m from Toronto.
Man: Where is that, Antarctica?! Get outta my face!

–2 train, CPW

Conductor: This is West Fourth Street. Transfer is available to the A, C, E, F, and V trains.
Four-year-old girl: Mommy, he doesn’t sing his ABCs right.
Mom: That’s because he didn’t go to college.

–A train

Chick #1: Didn’t you wear that yesterday?
Chick #2: Yeah, but I didn’t sleep at home last night.
Chick #1: You stayed at your boy’s place? You’ve been dating forever! Don’t you keep clothing there?
Chick #2: I do, but I was fucking my boss. I need a raise.
Chick #1: I did that once, and it so worked.

–1 train

Blonde tourist squinting at sign: It says in small letters, ‘African-American burial ground, Historic District.’
Hobo: That’s right. They’s dead niggas all over the mothafucka. Right under the pavement. Paved right over they ass without no mothafuckin’ consideration whatsoever. You probably standing over a dead nigga right now.
Blonde tourist: That’s terrible. How did they find them?
Hobo: The white man was diggin’ here for something — I dunno, prob’ly thought there was some money under the sidewalk, and all they found was a bunch of dead niggas. So they covered ’em up again and put up them signs.
Blonde tourist, handing hobo a dollar: Well, thank you very much.
Hobo: And thank you, ma’am. Any other historical information you need, come back and ask for Willie.

–Center St & Pearl St

Drunk girl sitting on empty, closed newsstand: Look boys! I’m news!
Suit passerby: Daily or weekly?

–16th & 5th

Small Canadian mimicking fat kid: You run funny.
Fat kid: Shut up or I’ll eat you. I eat Canadians for breakfast.

–Bronx Science

Young child: Mommy, how do black people have sex?
Mom: Ask your father.

–9th & 8th, Park Slope

Dude #1: Man, let’s get out of here. These girls are ready, and there’s free condoms right over there.
Dude #2: No way, man. I wanna jump around to this music some more.

–Irving Plaza

MTA announcer: … And if you see any suspicious packages, please report them to the nearest MTA employee.
MTA guy cleaning platform: No, don’t tell me nothin’. I don’t wanna know nothin’.

–7 train platform, Woodside

10-year-old girl punches her suit father in the arm.

Suit: You have no power. [Girl punches him again.] No power. [Girl winds up and punches him hard.] There, see? That hurt more, ’cause you used your body. [Girl turns around and punches her older sister.]
Sister: Ow, what the hell?!
Suit: See? I told you — use your body.

–LIRR, Jamaica

Bus driver: Due to circumstances beyond our control, Vanderbilt will be the last stop on the bus.
Passengers: [Gasp] Oh, no!
Bus driver: And now that I know the PA system works, I was just joking. This bus will be going the full route. [A few minutes later] If you are with somebody, please have them sit on your lap. If not, introduce yourself.

–Crowded B38 bus

Bimbette: Those blankets are so soft!
Bored friend: Yeah…
Bimbette: I know, right? Don’t you ever just go to bed naked and rub them everywhere? It’s like a massage!
Bored friend: … Everywhere?
Bimbette: Yes, everywhere. Even your anus. It hurts sometimes [looks away in thought].
Bored friend: … Oh.

–9th & 4th

Little brother, running up street: Look at me — I’m the 4 train!
Older brother, running next to him: Look at me — I’m the 6 train!
Little brother: Stop running faster than me!
Older brother: Nuh-uh.
Little brother: Dad! Julio didn’t stop at 33rd Street!

–31st St, Astoria

Hobo: Can you spare a quarter?
20-ish guy: I’m broke. I owe the government 70 thousand dollars.
Hobo, after a pause: Would you like a quarter?

–Madison Square Garden

Lady hobo: Hey, y’all, I’m homeless and I’m three months pregnant, and I’m looking for some help from the people of this train, so if anybody got some money they want to give, please help me take care of my baby.
College girl with change: I’ll give you this money if you’re saving up for an abortion.
Lady hobo: What? Nooo, I’m keeepin’ my baby.
College girl, putting change away: Okay, then.
Lady hobo: Wait, what?

–F train

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  1. Those are too good. And so very evocative.

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