Frisbee in the Valley

My brother, who works at Google, organized an Ultimate Frisbee game against Facebook several weeks ago, and Google proceeded to lose. This prompted Facebook to leak this information out to Valleywag, the irreverant blog of Silicon Valley gossip, who wrote the story up under the heading, “Facebook Delivers Ultimate Humiliation to Google“, and in which one girl claims that they are looking to hire geat engineers and asks others to include Frisbee skills on their resumes. I don’t think this went over so well back on the Google Campus, especially since founder Sergey Brin has been known to disc it. But I also think they were pissed that a friendly game turned into a marketing opportunity (I wonder if they would have done the same?)

Well, another match was set up for last Tuesday, and since I needed to pick my brother up to go to my other’s brother’s house for dinner, and I would have to wait anyway there for him to finish playing, he suggested that me and my twin join in, especially as some main people were out for Google. So I picked him and several Googler’s up from Campus and headed to the Stanford fields, where the game was taking place. The Googlers had three times as many people show up, but Facebook’s best players were a lot better, including several who played for Stanford and club teams in the area. So the depth didn’t really help at all, as their best players remained on the field. It was a fun game though, and even though my twin and I were rarely on the field at the same time and hardly effected the outcome (guarding good players without wearing cleats is near impossible) we gelled toward the end, and lost 15-12 (hey, 1 pt improvement!). We then started playing a mixed game, but it got dark out – regrettably, since I think this would have been fun. It was cool to meet some people from both companies, although I realized that it is a very homogenous group, with the majority coming from MIT, Stanford, and Harvard.

It turns out that this game was written up in Valleywag again, under the headline, “Facebook Repeats Google’s Ultimate Humiliation“. I guess this would suck if anyone other than myself read this blog. I am even mentioned, “…some believe the Googlers may have brought on ringers who don’t actually work for the company.” It’s too bad we didn’t win the game, otherwise I may have been a better “ringer”. They must have been ok with it at the start, beacuse clearly all three brothers did not work at Google at the same time – any such company would not make it though the week. I suggest Sergey cleat up next time, as well as if some who couldn’t make it get some extra motivation to spank Facebook next time.

Either that or I will have to add my resume to the pile at Google.  Sergey, I could really help you perfect that crossfield hammer…

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