WikiHow to Quit Facebook

Maybe your affinity for Facebook began with a simple desire to keep in touch with your friends, or make new ones online. Or perhaps you were just bored. But now Facebook is the thorn in your side, and possibly a bona fide addiction. If you’re finding it difficult to spend an hour of your waking life without checking or thinking about Facebook, you may be looking for a way out. This is it.


Monday also marks the launch of Wikinvest, a web site co-founded by former manager Mike Sha.   Similar to any other wiki site, users can edit articles or contribute new information, and the site is constantly updated with the most recent stock quotes and data.  Companies are listed with company history, stock symbol, current stock outlook, bullish and bearish comments from visitors and members, and stock history graphs. The Concepts section even allows users to list a company or product (for example, the iPhone) that may affect the future of other companies.


This could be a great source for misinformation (just like wikipedia) but also may prove to be just as useful as well.  Those that edit comments can at least be tracked with an IP address, and the Bulls/Bears forum essentially allows any viewpoint to be heard.  Wall Streeters may snub the tool, but Main Street and a Jim Cramer audience may find themselves exploring the simplified format for investment ideas and feedback.

The site is but one day old, so contributions are still in high demand.  But check out Apple or GE for some idea what the site may look like in a long run. 

Revenue will mostly stem from advertising.

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