Facebook rules

We all know Facebook dominated our college lives (but never work, right?), and then before you could say “news feed” high schoolers were prowling the pages.  And then even our parents.   Facebook then went abroad, becoming the fastest growing network in the UK, with 500,00 users and growing in London alone.

For number nerds, here is what that growth has looked like:

A Selection of Leading Social Networking Sites Ranked by European Unique Visitors*                     Total European, Age 15+ – Home and Work Locations**  Source: comScore
Property Total Unique Visitors (000)
Jan 2007 July 2007 % Change
Total European Internet Audience 218,063 224,759 3%
MYSPACE.COM 20,341 25,176 24%
Skyrock Network 11,327 13,785 22%
BEBO.COM 7,461 12,101 62%
FACEBOOK.COM 2,066 10,795 422%
HI5.COM 6,979 9,554 37%
PICZO.COM 7,557 8,035 6%
NETLOG.COM 8,140 7,450 -8%
DADA.NET 4,957 6,689 35%
MSN Groups 6,941 5,528 -20%
BADOO.COM 1,923 5,192 170%

*Based on a selection of comparable sites, does not constitute a direct ranking. ** Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

The next stop?  A language specific Facebook seems inevitable.  We all know Europeans love to get along (see: WWI, WWII, EU Constitution) so look for Facebook to build its global network.  However, it will have to overcome some obstacles.  Those resolute Germans still swear by piczo.com, and haven’t latched onto the Facebook the way the Brits have.  And sneaky France?  They have created Facebook Paris already, a site hosted through the social network Ning.  My guess is that Zuckerberg forgot to register the domain name, and either a lawsuit or a crapload of money is due for the creators.

Meanwhile, Steve Ballmer claims Facebook is just a fad in today’s Times.


One response to “Facebook rules

  1. I don’t necessarily think it’s not a fad. We’ll see but there have been numerous iterations of similar sites that have failed or passed out of fashion for some reason or another.

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