Tower of Invincibility


Apparently an award-winning commercial development firm in Washington, D.C., will present design plans this week for a grand “Tower of Invincibility”.  The proposal is that it be built in the nation’s capital as a permanent monument celebrating freedom, sovereignty, and peace in America.

Mr. Abramson will hold a news conference to present the plans on Friday, October 5, at 11 a.m. (ET) at the Hay-Adams Hotel, 16th and H streets, NW, in Washington. The event will be webcast live at

Mr. Abramson said the people will decide where the Tower of Invincibility will be built. “Everyone is invited to visit the website and submit three possible locations in Washington for the Tower of Invincibility in the order of their preference. Invincibility is the domain of every citizen and therefore everyone should have input on where this great testament to national invincibility will be built,” Mr. Abramson said.

Wow, as if we did not already have an uber phallic symbol in our capital, nor a freedom tower in our financial capital designed to be 1776 ft tall.  I almost want to attend the meeting on Friday to see if I can make further suggestions…like making it look like a middle finger to the rest of the world.

One response to “Tower of Invincibility

  1. good call on the middle finger. incredible.

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