Football, or lack therof


I came across this in the New York Times. Sure, I know about it, but the fact that now it can become water cooler talk by more than already boastful Ivy League grads sucks.

We used to be in the Orange Bowl. That’s right, Mississippi State vs. Georgetown, 1941. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

I know President DeGoia is a former footballer, but really, DC is not a great recruiting area, we have no facilities (nor the room for them if we tried) and our academic standards don’t exactly scream football school. Yeah, we aren’t Notre Dame (thank god) but it doesn’t look like former assistant Navy coach Kevin Kelly can call more than a couple of plays. I’ll give it time but losing 100-7 in two weekends makes me think this is not heading the right direction. As a former swimmer, I hate to see all that money spent on scholarships and equipment with essentially a negative return, when so many other sports could use even a fifth of the money to thrive.

Thank god Midnight Madness is upon us at last. Memphis, watch out. PE JR and the big fella know no mercy.

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